Homa Hoodfar released from jail

Posted September 28, 2016

Scholars at Risk is delighted to announce the release of Dr. Homa Hoodfar, a scholar of anthropology from Concordia University, in Canada, who was arrested on June 8, 2016 on grounds of “co-operating with a foreign state against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”


Dr. Homa Hoodfar was detained at Evin Prison for over 100 days

For more than 100 days, Dr. Hoodfar was kept in the notorious Evin Prison, where she was reportedly denied access to medical treatment for a rare neurological illness and denied due process. Today, Dr. Hoodfar was released on “humanitarian grounds,” and is currently on her way to Oman, where she will receive urgent medical attention, and then to London, where she will finally reunite with family.

Scholars at Risk thanks the hundreds of individuals who lent their voice to Homa, and we call on you to join us in celebrating this moment by signing a letter of appeal on behalf of an imprisoned scholar or student.

Location Tehran, Iran
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