Biden promises truth after Trump’s lies. How to hold leaders accountable for their words.

Posted January 27, 2021

A piece by SAR Executive Director Robert Quinn for NBC THINK.

President Joe Biden couldn’t have been clearer. At the dawn of his administration, he began with an unequivocal declaration about the fundamental importance truth plays in our democracy — and, crucially, the responsibility leaders have to adhere to it.

“There is truth and there are lies,” he said in his inaugural address. “Each of us has a duty and responsibility, as citizens, as Americans, and especially as leaders — leaders who have pledged to honor our Constitution and protect our nation — to defend the truth and to defeat the lies.”

The statement was a welcome and necessary corrective after four years of an administration that not only disregarded the truth, but also used lies as a tool of governance and policy. However, if those years have shown us anything, it is that we must not take Biden or any leader at his (or her) word when it comes to the truth. It is too important.

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