Only On CBS: Ukrainian Refugees Fleeing War Arrive To America

Posted March 28, 2022

After escaping a war-torn Ukraine and the now besieged Kyiv, a young Ukrainian couple landed in Hollywood, away from the violence, although only for a few days.

“It’s very hard to even imagine that you might not have a home to come back,” said Liz Shchepetykovia. ” I don’t think I can, I just really don’t.”

Shchepetykovia and her partner Vitaliy Sharlay fled their homes during the first morning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They darted for the Romanian border and waited for hours, standing among the thousands of others trying to escape the bloodshed.

“It’s terrifying that there are people so cruel that can in one moment just turn the life of a 45 million nation upside down,” said Shchepetykovia. “And make you run away from your home. I just don’t wish it in anybody because it’s the most terrifying thing there could be.”

After the hellish, near 600-mile journey into Romania, the couple received an olive branch from Shchepetykovia’s old host family in Missouri.

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