Iran students abroad stand in solidarity as peers lead uprisings

Posted October 10, 2022

“Iranians studying abroad have taken to the streets in solidarity with the student-led, anti-government protests that erupted across Iran in September, while efforts have begun to protect Iranian scholars involved in the uprising. […]

Scholars at Risk told The PIE News that it is “deeply concerned” about the use of force against students [in Iran]. ‘Academic freedom and the rights of scholars and students have been routinely violated in Iran over the years,” said a spokesperson from the NGO. “From disciplinary actions and travel restrictions to arrests and prison sentences, the Iranian academic community has long suffered the threat of severe punishment for their research, teaching, ideas, and collaborations with fellow scholars and students. These recent events underscore these longstanding concerns and demand the international community’s attention.’ SAR called on governments and the UN to hold Iranian authorities to account and for the global higher education community to continue to support at-risk Iranian scholars and students, including through hosting arrangements and advocacy.” A piece by Helen Packer for The Pie News. Read the full piece.

SAR invites everyone to participate in efforts to demand accountability: flag attacks on the Iranian higher education community for SAR to review and consider for SAR’s Academic Freedom Monitoring Project, sign a letter of appeal to state and UN leaders, raise awareness through social media campaigns, hold events in your community to show solidarity, or start a Student Advocacy Seminar on your campus.

We invite member institutions to welcome threatened scholars temporarily to campus as professors, researchers, lecturers, visiting scholars, post-docs, graduate fellows or students.


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