The Scholars at Risk network protects researchers from harassment and violence

Posted January 19, 2023

Jan 12, 2023 — A piece by Mervi Rantanen for Aalto University describes the work of Scholars at Risk in Finland.

“Aalto University contributes to global social responsibility by being part of the international Scholars at Risk network, which promotes the freedom of science and research and safeguards scholars from harassment and violence […]

Professor Elina Vuola from the University of Helsinki chairs Scholars at Risk Finland. According to her, SAR’s basic function of protecting scholars is becoming even more important in today’s turbulent world. […]

Two researchers who came to Aalto University with the help of scholars at risk activities agreed to talk anonymously about their experiences.

‘Due to the unrest and war in my home country, I reached out for possible relocation to a safe place to continue my research,’ says the first researcher. ‘I advise any scholar at risk to reach out for help. SAR and other similar organisations represent a great help for international scholars at risk. Any scholar at risk can reach out and apply for the program.’”

Read the full piece here.

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