SAR Executive Director Rob Quinn speaks at a SAR United States General Assembly in 2022.

The SAR Network

Scholars at Risk (SAR) is an international network of over 650 higher education institutions, associations, and advocates across over 40 countries whose collective mission is to protect threatened scholars, prevent attacks on higher education, and promote academic freedom and related values.

Launched in 2000, the SAR Network has witnessed tremendous, continued growth and commitment to academic freedom worldwide. Network members have a variety of opportunities to get involved and engage with SAR’s global community at the local and international levels. We invite institutions to join the network – by doing so, they send a powerful message of solidarity in support of at-risk scholars and make a commitment to uphold the freedom to think, question, and share ideas.

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About the SAR Network: Members, Sections, and Partners

SAR Members

The SAR Network includes universities, academic associations, non-governmental organizations, and unions. SAR membership is open to accredited higher education institutions and educational associations worldwide. SAR members designate a SAR representative, establish a SAR committee within their institution, and contribute an annual membership subscription. Members are encouraged to participate in and promote activities across one or all of SAR’s three core programmatic areas: protection, advocacy, and learning

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SAR Sections

The SAR Network is increasingly organized into national sections — geographic groupings of higher education institutions organized for the specific purpose of participating in SAR-related activities.

SAR Sections are often coordinated by a local steering committee or secretariat, in partnership with the SAR Secretariat. To date, SAR has helped launch 16 SAR Sections around the world. Learn more.

SAR Partner Networks

SAR partners with 14 fellow higher education networks which engage their own membership in SAR programming and support at-risk scholars through their established capacities. Find out more about SAR partner networks here. Learn more.

Get involved with the SAR Network

Universities, colleges, and other institutional members of the SAR Network have a variety of opportunities to make a difference in protecting threatened scholars and strengthening the university space. SAR staff will work closely with your institution to tailor these activities to your institution’s needs and capacity.

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