Calls to Action: Free to Think 2020

Free to Think 2020 Conference

As a global network, Scholars at Risk calls on our members, affiliated partners, and the international higher education community to join in solidarity and help seek the release of imprisoned scholars, host threatened scholars at your institution, give voice to students and scholars who demand academic freedom, and support our collective efforts by contributing in any way you can. Please take action today.

TAKE ACTION: Help seek the release of Professor Ilham Tohti

The higher education sector has a responsibility to stand up for its own. And it has an impact on cases like that of Professor Tohti. Sign SAR’s letter and share your concerns over Twitter with the hashtag #FreeTohti.

Faculty-led teams of students conduct research and advocacy in conjunction with Scholars at Risk for imprisoned scholars like Professor Tohti. Join our Student Advocacy Seminar program and learn more by contacting Scholars at Risk at


TAKE ACTION: Call on Indian authorities to release Professor Gokarakonda Naga Saibaba from prison

Every letter reminds authorities that Professor Saibaba is not forgotten, that the world is watching. Sign this letter to send the message that nonviolent academic work and human rights expression are not terrorism, they are a scholar’s duty. Share this call on all platforms and reference #FreeGNSaibaba.



TAKE ACTION: Complete & share the survey on academic self-censorship

Too often scholars are compelled to answer an impossible question: follow their research where it leads and face the consequences, or self-censor and stay safe? Share with us your thoughts, personal experience, and knowledge about self-censorship in the Arab region and help inform concrete actions to combat its root causes. Take the survey today!

TAKE ACTION: Host a threatened scholar (in-person or remotely)

Whether in-person on your campus or via a remote affiliation, your willingness to host a scholar ensures that more scholars have the opportunity to continue their work. SAR invites institutions to welcome threatened scholars to campus as professors, researchers, lecturers, visiting scholars, post-docs, graduate fellows, or students. SAR is also in touch with scholars seeking remote fellowships due to restrictions on their travel. Learn how you can offer remote opportunities.

If you know of scholars who would like to apply for assistance, please encourage them to write to


TAKE ACTION: Share SAR’s Statement and Call to Action on Belarus

Students and scholars have suffered targeted and broad-based attacks in the aftermath of the August 2020 presidential elections. An attack on one is an attack on all. You can help. Your action condemning attacks on scholars and students in Belarus will prevent the normalization of attacks and help demand their release. Send the message far and wide and consider using #Belarus Solidarity on all social platforms.


TAKE ACTION: Support Scholars at Risk so that we as a global community can protect scholars and the freedom to think, question, and share ideas
SAR is a global network that protects threatened scholars and advocates for higher education communities that serve the broadest public good. Together, we support inspiring scholars and work toward a world in which everyone has the freedom to think, question, and share ideas.

Join the network: Encourage your institution to join the network and get involved.
Write and tweet on behalf of scholars and students in prison.
Give what you can today and help sustain this work.

Thank you for taking action!