Speaker Series

Posted April 15, 2016

The Vivian G. Prins Scholars at Risk Speaker Series is a wonderful opportunity for network institutions to bring to campus one or more diverse, interesting, courageous scholars, each with a powerful and unique story to share. Through these events, campus communities and the public learn about threats to academic freedom and attacks on scholars as well as the scholar’s own academic work and experiences.

Orla Duke SAR Europe, Dr Prosper Maguchu, Professor Patrick O’Shea – President University College Cork (UCC), and Dr Angela Flynn, UCC

Scholars participating in the series are currently being assisted by the SAR Network. They come from a number of different countries and represent a variety of academic disciplines.

Each event in the series is tailored to fit the schedule, size and interests of the host campus. In most cases, a scholar visits a member institution and spends time discussing both his or her academic work and the threats experienced in home country. A visit may include a lecture, panel, workshop, informal seminar or some combination thereof, and may last from a few hours to one or more days. The institution is asked to pay all travel expenses and an honorarium, which is an important means of supplementing the scholar’s income.

The series is named in recognition of the Vivian G. Prins Foundation’s extraordinary generosity and the impact it has had on SAR’s work and community, in particular through support for staff time to make the Speaker Series possible.

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SAR Scholars Available for Events:

Scholar IDLocationFieldAvailabilityAreas of Expertise
Afghanistan-518USA, Washington, DCPhilosophy, Islamic StudiesUnited States, GermanyHistory of philosophy in Afghanistan, women in classical Islamic intellectualism, political Islam
Afghanistan-552Heidelberg, GermanySocial AnthropologyUnited States, EuropeEducation, higher education, peace prospects, socioeconomic development, cultural heritage, transnational family networks in Afghanistan
Afghanistan-857SwitzerlandPublic Administration, JournalismEuropeRepresentative bureaucracy, open government, gender equality and diversity in public institutions, public administration and public service reforms in Afghanistan, comparative public administration
Afghanistan-1463New York, USAPublic Health, EpidemiologyNorth AmericaGeneral surgery, public health, epidemiology, health in post-conflict settings, mental health and psychosocial needs of Afghans recently resettled in the United States
Bangladesh-538Canada, OntarioGender, Development StudiesNorth AmericaGender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, education and development, action research management, LGBT rights, youth and sexuality, education policies
Bangladesh-557AustraliaInternational Relations, Islamic StudiesEurope, AustraliaDemocratization, religious politics, violent extremism, free speech, humanitarian journalism
China-612New York, USHuman GeographyUnited StatesTibetan pastoralism, China's development and environmental policies, rangeland and natural resource management and access, indigenous knowledge and climate change, cultural politics and resistance
Democratic Republic of the Congo-042BelgiumComparative Literature, African LiteratureEuropeComparative modern and post-modern literature, gender issues, religion, mythology, oral traditions, ancient and modern religions, acquisition of language and culture, with a focus on Africa
Ethiopia-554USA, MassachusettsLaw, Human Rights, Sub-Saharan AfricaUnited StatesInternational economic law, constitutional theory, human rights in Africa, human rights and agricultural investments in sub-Saharan Africa, conflict studies, governance and development, federalism, traditional institutions and the law
Ethiopia-578USA, LouisianaDevelopment, Food SecurityNorth AmericaInternational development, food security
Iran-583USA, New YorkLaw, Human RightsUnited StatesHuman rights law, Islamic studies, religion and state in the Middle East, interfaith dialogue, legal clinics, environment
Iran-656NorwayPolitical Satire, HumorEuropeHumor studies, literary satire, humor and satire in Islam, stand-up comedy, communications, freedom of speech, socio-political clashes, intercultural studies
Iran-663NorwayPolitical Psychology, Human RightsEuropePolitical psychology, human rights, democracy and theocracy, theocratic ideology's impact on democratic behavior, women studies, organizational psychology
Iran-669IrelandSociology, Gender StudiesEuropeSociology, gender studies, human rights research, activism, and campaigns
Iran-712UKPhilosophy, Gender StudiesEuropeEpistemology, Islamic queer theory, ethics, metaphysics, the philosophy of illumination, Islamic mysticism, homosexuality in Islamic theology
Iran-738USA, CaliforniaInternational Legal StudiesUnited StatesComparative and international legal studies, women rights, Islam and human rights, legal restrictions imposed on women in Iran, gender based inequality and violations of women’s human rights in Iran
Iran-750Gothenburg, SwedenArchaeologyEuropeArchaeology of the recent past, disaster archaeology, oppression, gender, colonialism, violence
Iraq-786UKLiteratureEurope, North AmericaModern English and American literature and poetry, literary theory and criticism, feminist writing, feminist revisionism, gender and multi-ethnic identity in Arab American women's poetry
Iraq-801USA, New YorkPhilosophyNorth AmericaPolitical philosophy, critical theory of social space, Frankfurt school, international relations, minorities in the Middle East, social ecology movement
Jordan-505NorwayEnglish LiteratureEuropeEnglish literature and criticism, critical theory, Islamic studies, gender studies, academic freedom in the Middle East
Kyrgyzstan-504USA, MassachusettsHistory, Political ScienceNorth AmericaHistory, Central Asian politics, security studies, political science, contemporary politics in Central Asia, international politics in Central Asia post 9/11, civil rights reform in Kyrgyzstan, geopolitics and post-Communist transitions in Central Asia.
Pakistan-558Canada, OttawaSouth Asian Studies, Civil SocietyNorth AmericaHuman rights analysis, international development, poverty alleviation, inclusive development approaches, social entrepreneurship, inclusive governance, peace and justice issues
Pakistan-569USA, PennsylvaniaLinguistics, EducationUnited StatesApplied linguistics, language policy and bilingual education, language and education in culturally and linguistically diverse settings
Pakistan-573USA, New YorkPublic Policy, South Asian Studies, JournalismUnited StatesSouth Asian policy, activism, development, security, religious extremism
Serbia-501SwitzerlandPhilosophy, WritingEuropeLiterature, theoretical texts, art, accessibility to art
Sri Lanka-528USA, PennsylvaniaAnthropologyNorth AmericaSociology of aging, health and illness, health planning, natural disasters, reproductive health, social and cultural aspects of kidney disease
Syria-508USAHuman Rights, Middle EastUnited StatesDentistry; human rights, politics, social issues, reform in Syria
Syria-538BelgiumFood ScienceEuropeFood process, biotechnology, molecular composition and quality of oils and fats
Syria-572Canada, British ColumbiaAnalytical ChemistryCanadaHigh performance liquid chromatography, fluorescence spectroscopy, pharmacy, mass spectrometry
Syria-634Berlin, GermanyArchaeologyEuropeClassical archaeology, Roman archaeology in Syria, reciprocal relationship between identity and cultural material, new interpretations of Syrian cultural heritage
Syria-653Gothenburg, SwedenArchaeologyEuropeHeritage studies, Middle Eastern archaeology, the Bronze Age, the impact of civil wars on the patrimony and armed conflict, using heritage for peace-building, the misuse of heritage for political ends
Syria-655NetherlandsArchaeologyEuropeHeritage management, the Near East, preservation of cultural heritage in conflict areas
Turkey-543Bergen, NorwayLaw, Human RightsEuropeHuman rights law, populist effect on constitutional democracy, direct democracy, comparative constitutional law, electoral integrity, theories of constitution-making, Turkish constitutional politics and law, academic freedom, democracy education
Turkey-557GermanySociologyEuropeMinority issues, conflict resolution, Kurdish issues in Turkey, indigenous movements, cultural rights, autonomy of ethnic minorities in Europe
Turkey-562GermanyClinical PsychologyEuropeMigration, gender, sexuality, the body, women’s and LGBTI rights in Turkey, immigrants from Turkey, construction of masculinity
Turkey-572SwitzerlandSociologyEuropePolitical science, international relations, Middle Eastern and Turkish history, transformations of the European space through its encounter with Islam, identity, women's and minority issues, social movements, political sociology, theories of nationalism, qualitative methods in social science
Turkey-580Athens, GreecePsychology, peace studies, childhood studies, social policyEurope, North AmericaAcademic freedom, psycho-social consequences of personal debt around the world, neoliberal decay in for-profit universities, martyrdom and militarism, university entrance exams in Turkey, children’s rights
Turkey-583GermanyPsychologyEuropeClinical psychology, gender, sexuality, ethics in research, psychotherapy, mental care within the LGBTI community in Turkey, mental health care access for refugees
Turkey-607Berlin, GermanySociologyEuropePolitical science, grassroots environmental movements, water struggles, cultural geography, feminist theory, anthropology of nature, social theory and political philosophy from the perspectives of gender, justice, body and subjectivity
Turkey-643Canada, British ColumbiaHistory, Political ScienceNorth AmericaHistory of the Middle East, Turkish politics, international organizations, comparative history, international law, the Cyprus problem and intellectual history
Turkey-785USA, CaliforniaPolitical TheoryUnited StatesPolitical theory, political philosophy, contemporary Muslim political thought, Islamist movements​,​ democratization in Turkey and the Middle East
Turkey-850GermanySociology, Labor, and Social Stratification of WorkEuropeSociology, social stratification, precarious academic labor, history of civilization, Mediterranean civilization, sources of contemporary Europe and modern ethics, sociology of work, employment relations, labor activism in the academic sector
Turkey-1257Canada, VancouverPolitical Economy, Labor StudiesNorth AmericaPolitical science, labor and social reproduction regimes, democratic empowerment in the Global South, contemporary restructuring of relations of production, social reproduction in the Middle East and Latin America
Venezuela-512Mannheim, GermanyBiochemistryEurope & North AmericaBiochemistry, enzymology, microbiology, bioanalytics, industrial biotechnology, biodegradation, metal biorecovery, circular economy
Yemen-540Florida, USBiotechnologyUnited StatesEcology, entomology, environmental science, impacts of Yemeni conflict on environmental resources and ecosystem integrity
Zimbabwe-556Canada, OntarioAdult Education, Counseling, Psychology, Public HealthNorth AmericaGovernment, civil society organizations, education, HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS awareness in schools
Zimbabwe-565Canada, OntarioJournalism, International RelationsNorth AmericaJournalism, radio, television, online media; issues of health, human rights, and gender equality
Zimbabwe-574NetherlandsLaw and Human RightsEuropeHuman rights law, transitional justice, financial crimes, large-scale conspiracies/serious crimes