Urgent Appeal for Afghanistan

It’s not too late.  Your gift today can help.

Afghanistan’s scholars, students, practitioners, civil society leaders, and activists, especially women and ethnic and religious minorities, need your help.  For the better part of twenty years they have worked for a new, rights-respecting, forward-looking, knowledge-based Afghanistan. They have dedicated their lives to the values of openness and tolerance. These are not the values of the Taliban, so their lives are now at risk.  Timely action can still make an enormous difference.

Please make a gift today in support of at-risk colleagues in or from Afghanistan.

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Make a contribution by mail payable to:

Scholars at Risk Network
c/o Executive Director, Rob Quinn
3357 12th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218 USA

Make a contribution by phone or via wire transfer:
Please call the Development Office at +1-212-998-3318 or email Starr Miller at starr.miller@nyu.edu


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