Urgent Calls for Help from Afghanistan

Join SAR’s Response 

Universities, colleges, and other institutional members of the SAR Network have mobilized swiftly to create a range of opportunities to make a difference in protecting threatened scholars and practitioners from Afghanistan. As we respond to hundreds of urgent requests from individual scholars, activists, and civil society leaders—with particular concern for women and ethnic and religious minorities—we invite you to take action and join our efforts. See what you can do today: 

Scholars and Practitioners Seeking Support

  • Review our application criteria and apply directly for assistance via an encrypted link. 
  • Learn about other resources that may be more directly helpful to you. New resources will be added as they develop.

Network Members and Prospective Host Institutions

  • Refer a scholar, human rights practitioner, or civil society leader who meets our application criteria via the encrypted link, or write to apply.scholarsatrisk@nyu.edu.
  • Complete this survey and indicate your institution’s interest and capacity to host an Afghan scholar or practitioner. 
  • Prepare for a scholar or practitioner’s arrival at your institution by consulting the Scholars at Risk How to Host Handbook.
  • Sign up for SAR’s newsletters for updates on our efforts, including additional resources as they develop. 
  • Confirm if your institution is a member of our network. 
  • Join the SAR networkmembership is open to accredited higher education institutions and associations worldwide. Reach out to start the process.
  • Attend the upcoming event, “Supporting Afghanistan’s scholars: Information for higher education institutions in Europe,” on September 30, 2021 to discuss how European higher education institutions and employers can support scholars from Afghanistan.

Advocates and Concerned Members of the Higher Ed Community

  • Sign and share this appeal urging European governments and EU institutions to take immediate action to secure the lives and careers of Afghanistan’s scholars, students, and civil society actors.
  • Sign and share this urgent letter of appeal demanding US government action to secure safe passage for scholars, practitioners, and civil society leaders in Afghanistan.
  • Donate to SAR if you are in a position to support Afghan scholars, practitioners, and their accompanying family members.
  • Join SAR’s wider efforts to support scholars from Afghanistan and around the world.
  • Read below Scholars at Risk’s Afghanistan Bulletin outlining the organization’s efforts and initiatives to assist Afghanistan’s at-risk scholars, students, and civil society leaders.

Scholars at Risk Afghanistan Bulletin

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