2021 EAIE Community Exchange

Tuesday, Sep 28 2021 1:00 pm

Event Location Online

Academic Freedom & Researchers at Risk on the Agenda of the 2021 EAIE Community Exchange

The 2021 EAIE Community Exchange is taking place 28 September–01 October. Learn more about the event here.

Join SAR Europe and the Inspireurope project will take part in three sessions, available on demand to registrants, and addressing the topics of academic freedom and researchers at risk. Further information below:

Academic freedom in crisis: a national, European or global problem?
Today, academic freedom is challenged on many levels across the globe. With this in mind, we ask ourselves: Is it correct to talk about a crisis in the European Higher Education Area? What are the threats to academic freedom worldwide? Why is the situation in Europe special, how did we get here and what can we do to prevent future atrocities? This session will ask thought-provoking questions and look for answers by analysing developments at the national, European and global levels.

SPEAKERS: Peter van der Hijden | Independent | Belgium, Liviu Matei | Central European University Rectorate | Hungary, Sinead O’Gorman | Scholars at Risk Europe | Ireland

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Ignite: Answering the biggest questions in international higher education
Do the big questions in international education keep you up at night? How does one create an institutional student mobility policy from scratch? Are greener mobility and growing international mobility an incompatible duo? Will international education go the way of music or media? How can I support scholars at risk? All these questions and more will be covered in a quick-fire presentation format called Ignite.

SPEAKERS: Caspar de Bok | Utrecht University | Netherlands, Agnes Leyrer | CEU GmbH – CEU Central European University Private University | Austria, Leslie Hansen | Movetia | Switzerland, Kate Moore | Global Career Center | USA, Denise Roche | SAR Europe | Ireland

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Inspireurope – European action for researchers at risk
When researchers are at risk, not only are individual lives and careers on the line but the quality and very future of research are also at stake. This session, facilitated by representatives from the Inspireurope project, will explore the support available across Europe for researchers at risk, highlight good practices at a national level and how to replicate these, and address gaps in European support.

SPEAKERS: Alexandros Triantafyllidis | Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | Greece, Henriette Stoeber | EUA – European University Association | Belgium, Karolina Catoni | University of Gothenburg | Sweden

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