American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition

Sunday, Aug 21 2016 2:30 pm

Event Location Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
Co-sponsors American Chemical Society
In Event Types: Conference

At the 252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, Protection Services Director Rose Anderson will discsuss SAR’s scholar protection and advocacy work and its intersections with the sciences

ACS LogoAbstract: The Scholars at Risk Network is a network of more than 400 universities, higher education institutions, and associations in 39 countries that are committed to promoting academic freedom and assisting threatened scholars. SAR primarily supports scholars by seeking short-term positions of academic refuge within the Network where scholars can continue their work in safety. SAR also monitors attacks on academic freedom worldwide through its Academic Freedom Monitoring Project and advocates on behalf of wrongfully imprisoned scholars.

Over the 16 years since its founding, SAR has helped over 700 threatened scholars – including many scientists – find safe refuge in a university setting where they can continue their vital scholarly work. SAR has also advocated on behalf of many scientists who have been wrongfully imprisoned due to their peaceful exercise of freedom of expression or activism. The presentation will focus on SAR’s scholar protection and advocacy work and its intersections with the sciences. There will be a sharing of best practices that SAR has gathered in this work of assisting and advocating on behalf of threatened scholars and scientists, and an invitation for discussion of opportunities for further collaboration with science institutions and associations.

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