European Student Advocacy Days 2025

Tuesday, Apr 29 2025 4:00 am

Event End Time 2025-04-30 04:00
Co-sponsors University of Dundee
In Event Types: Conference Workshop

Scholars at Risk and the University of Dundee, Scotland, invite students and faculty to join us April 29-30, 2025 for European Student Advocacy Days 2025. The event is also supported by Viasna, Libereco UK, the People’s Embassies of Belarus, and the Scottish Human Rights Defenders Fellowship.

Scholars at Risk’s annual Student Advocacy Days events bring students and faculty from SAR’s Student Advocacy Seminars together for training on best practices in advocacy on behalf of imprisoned scholars, and to foster respect for academic freedom. While participants may have expertise in any of SAR’s Scholars in Prison campaigns, this event will take as its focus the many wrongfully detained scholars and students in Belarus, including Marfa Rabkova.

This event will feature a day of workshops and presentations at University of Dundee followed by a day of advocacy and campaigning in Edinburgh.

The Dundee session will start with student presentations on case advocacy across all European SAR faculty and students attending. Consulting with scholars in exile will help participants understand how to approach advocacy in sensitive or high-risk contexts. Interactive workshops on art and advocacy will also be held with the aim of preparing for the advocacy and campaigning in Edinburgh the next day. Faculty meetings will be held alongside these sessions.

Day two will see students undertake advocacy in Edinburgh. Throughout the day, students and faculty from outside Scotland will have the option of joining Scottish faculty and students at meetings with government actors. Students will have the option to explore the city in the morning on foot while contributing to Viasna’s social media campaigns. A peaceful public protest in the city with gestures of solidarity has been planned for the afternoon.

In pre-event activities, seminar groups will have the option to meet with Belarusian activists in exile, organised by the People’s Embassies of Belarus, who will provide interested faculty and students the opportunity to learn more about the Belarusian context in advance of the Advocacy Days. Short videos on government advocacy, particularly in the Scottish context and the Belarusian cases, will be circulated. Seminar groups will also have the option to co-design government and public advocacy actions with the University of Dundee seminar groups.

Registration will open in September 2024.

For more information, please contact:
Edzia Carvalho ( for logistics related to the event, or Student Advocacy Seminar Coordinator Adam Braver ( for queries related to the seminars.