Expanding Institutional Opportunities for Researchers at Risk: Leadership Roundtable, Gdańsk University of Technology

Wednesday, Apr 19 2023 1:00 pm

Event End Time 2023-04-09 16:30

In concert with the 2023 EUA Annual Conference at Gdańsk University of Technology, registrations remain open for the first Inspireurope+ leadership roundtable on expanding institutional opportunities for researchers at risk. The seminar will give university leadership the opportunity to share institutional approaches and strategies for supporting researchers at risk. It will also provide scope to discuss various national and European supports for researchers at risk.

The programme and registration form are available via the European University Association: https://eua.eu/events/265-expanding-opportunities-for-researchers-at-risk.html

Inspireurope+ coordinates and strengthens support in Europe for researchers at risk. Learn more here.