Mobility-Migration Nexus: Policies, Practices, Discourses, and Evidence

Friday, Nov 09 2018 2:00 pm

Event Location Brussels, Belgium
Co-sponsors Academic Cooperation Association
In Event Types: Seminar

“Mobility-Migration Nexus: Policies, Practices, Discourses, and Evidence” – ACA’s next European Policy Seminar – will focus on the intersection between international mobility and migration by looking into current policy-practice links and gaps, contemporary discourses and existing evidence on the two in the context of highly skilled migration, both voluntary and forced, particularly in light of Europe’s recent struggle to cope with the latter.

This seminar aims to support HEIs in their endeavours in international cooperation by pinpointing current trends in international student and graduate movement in Europe and beyond.  It aims to inform policymakers and practitioners of ongoing and relevant research to create space for the policy-practice-research ‘trialogue’, and to point to some effective practices that can serve as an example and inspiration to national-level actions and university initiatives. Another ambition of the seminar is to help tackle the prevailing pejorative discourses, which not only make the debate on migration a contentious one, but also defy the European commitment to solidarity and diversity.