MOOC: “Dangerous Questions: Why Academic Freedom Matters”

Wednesday, Apr 22 2020 5:00 am

Event End Time 2020-06-03 21:00
Co-sponsors Academic Refuge Project
Contact Chelsea Blackburn Cohen,
In Event Types: Webinar

Are some questions too dangerous to ask? What happens to scholars and students who ask those questions? How can you contribute to strengthening core higher education values, such as academic freedom? These are among the questions we will discuss in “Dangerous Questions: Why Academic Freedom Matters,” a free online course created by the Academic Refuge project.


Given the threats facing scholars and higher education institutions today, promoting and defending academic freedom is important, not only to academics, but to all of society. In this free online course, we grappled with questions such as:

  • What is academic freedom and how does it relate to other higher education and societal values?
  • Why are academic freedom and related values important, and what threats or challenges to these values may be faced in different contexts?
  • How can you as a student, academic or other staff member in higher education promote and defend academic freedom and related values?

Since its initial launch, the MOOC has enrolled over 2,800 participants from 126 countries. This course begins on April 20 and is free and available to anyone with internet access. The material is divided into 3 weeks with an expected workload of 3 hours per week. Once registered, participants will have access to the course for five weeks. There is ample opportunity for discussion with fellow course participants from around the world.  SAR staff are here to discuss how you can integrate the MOOC into an existing online course.