Politics of Repression – Strategies and Resistances in Scholarship Conference

Wednesday, Apr 28 2021 8:00 pm

In Event Types: Conference

Researchers from all over the world experience repressions. Not only are they prevented from conducting free research, often their lives and the lives of their families are endangered. Minorities find it difficult to assert themselves in the academic world. A different way of thinking or criticism of their own country can lead to institutional, life-threatening repression.

What forms can such threats take? And how does the academic world deal with it? On the one hand, attempts are being made to maintain co
operation in research and teaching in countries with authoritarian, repressive and totalitarian regimes. On the other hand, universities and institutions are involved in supporting researchers who are persecuted and threatened by persecution. Isn’t that a contradiction? This speaker series is intended to stimulate thought, provide insights into the academic reality of researchers and initiate rethinking.

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