Reinforcing academic freedom against an illiberal tide: a conversation with Peter-Andre Alt

Tuesday, Nov 01 2022 10:00 pm

Event Location Deutsches Haus at NYU 42 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003
In Event Types: Discussion

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Deutsches Haus at NYU and Scholars at Risk present a conversation between Peter-Andre Alt, President of the German Rector’s Conference, Robert Quinn, Executive Director of the Scholars at Risk Network at NYU, and moderated by Hadas Aron, a faculty fellow at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies at NYU.

Banning of disfavored disciplines; mass dismissals and prosecutions of faculty and students; expulsion or banning of a liberal institutes and universities; criminalization of cross-border partnerships; invasion and attempted annexation of a neighbor: These are but a few of the violations of higher education values experienced in recent years in European countries from Belarus to Turkey, Hungary to Russia and beyond. How might higher education leaders and advocates for academic freedom and autonomy respond?  When business-as-usual is inadequate to the moment, how might the academy push back against the illiberal tide, while remaining within its proscribed role as research, teaching and public service institutions? Read more and RSVP here.