SAR Network information-sharing drop-in sessions

Thursday, May 04 2023 1:00 pm

Event End Time 2023-06-15 00:00
In Event Types: Discussion

SAR will be offering a new opportunity for connection and discussion within the network: Information-sharing drop-in sessions (“drop-ins”) for network members. 

 Recognizing the substantial experience and activity across the network, these bi-weekly, virtual drop-in sessions are intended to increase information-sharing across the network, and with the SAR secretariat. SAR staff will convene the sessions roughly every other week for ~30-60 minutes. We hope to create an informal, informative, and practical space for network members and partners to ask questions and to share information, experience, good practices, and resources. So grab a coffee and join us if:

  • You have a question to ask of other network members,
  • You have an update to share on activities on your campus/in your area,
  • You just want to listen to what other members are experiencing,
  • You want to contribute to the informal discussions as they develop

Sessions will be held roughly every two weeks, on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Please share the schedule with others at your institution who may have experience or announcements to share or questions about hosting scholars, events, or other SAR-related activities.

Next Session Date: TBD