Save the Date: SAR 2018 Global Congress in Berlin

Monday, Apr 23 2018 12:00 am

Event End Time 2018-04-26 00:00
Event Location Berlin, Germany
Co-sponsors Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Freie Universität Berlin, Scholars at Risk Germany Section.
In Event Types: Conference Exhibition

The University and the Future of Democracy featuring a keynote address by Professor Judith Butler, University of California, Berkeley.

Organized by Scholars at Risk, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and Freie Universität Berlin.

The global higher education community and liberal democratic society are facing historic challenges: the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, and beyond; the resulting refugee crises; and the resurgence of populism, authoritarianism, and ethnic nationalism.

Democratic values themselves are under pressure, and the university – the scholarly community as a whole – has a responsibility to develop, explain, and defend those values.

The 2018 Global Congress provides a critical opportunity to come together to learn from one another as we rise to meet these challenges.

Program including:

  • Workshops
  • Activity Expo
  • SAR Scholar Transition Training & Poster Sessions
  • New & Prospective Members Meeting
  • SAR Network Global Member Meeting
  • Courage to Think Dialogues & Award Dinner
  • Student Networking Sessions

Plenary and panel sessions including:

  • Academic Freedom in Turkey
  • Protecting Student Expression
  • Promoting Higher Education Values
  • and more…

Registration will open in December.