Security and risk management in higher education: protecting universities from hostile actors

Friday, Nov 13 2020 1:00 am

In Event Types: Conference

The internationalisation of higher education has brought significant cultural and economic benefits to both the UK and the sector. International education and research collaborations have also increased the competitiveness of the sector, strengthening research outputs and enhancing the educational experience of students.

However, increased collaboration has brought significant challenges. Research and student data have become increasingly tempting targets for hostile actors. International partnerships and engagement are fruitful, but fraught with potential risks to individuals and institutions. There have been high-profile cases of UK students and researchers having their academic freedom curtailed overseas have made headlines in the news.

In this environment, university leaders need to increase awareness and understanding of the security-related risks associated with internationalisation. Universities must have robust systems and processes to manage the security-related risks associated with internationalisation, such as cybersecurity threats, research security and integrity, regulatory compliance, and threat of interference. Institutions also have a role to play in protecting students and staff traveling overseas.

This conference will be held online over the course of two days. Alongside eight hours of informative, timely content from the most pertinent speakers on the topic, we will also be providing a wide range of opportunities to network, discuss, and make connections with colleagues within the sector. Of particular note, one panel will look at how institutions can protect the academic freedom to discuss and investigate topics which may be challenging, whilst ensuring appropriate safeguards remain in place.

You will also be able to access the recordings of all sessions after the event, including breakout sessions which you were unable to attend. Register here.