Visegrad Summer School, 17th Edition

Wednesday, Jul 04 2018 3:00 pm

Event Location Krakow, Poland
Co-sponsors Villa Decius Association; the Bratislava Policy Institute; Vaclav Havel Library; The Cracovia Expressz Foundation; Асоціація Агенцій Регіонального Розвитку України
In Event Types: Lecture

Rose Anderson, Scholar at Risk’s Director of Protection Services, will give a lecture on SAR’s work at the Visegrad Summer School in Krakow, Poland. Jointly hosted by the Villa Decius Association, Bratislava Policy Institute, Vaclav Havel Library, Cracovia Expressz Foundation, and Асоціація Агенцій Регіонального Розвитку України, this 14-day program provides an interdisciplinary learning space for young people of Central and Eastern Europe.

Over the last 16 years, the Visegrad Summer School has become a platform for promoting dialogue, improving intercultural competencies, and facilitating the integration of young people in the region. The program includes various lectures and debates dedicated to global and regional politics, economics, culture, and societal issues. This year, 50 students, graduates, Ph.D. researchers, and young professionals from Central and Eastern European countries will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about regional and European challenges, make international friendships, and meet distinguished European experts.