Workshop: Career Options Beyond Academia

Friday, Jun 18 2021 11:00 am

Co-sponsors Global Young Academy; IIE-Scholar Rescue Fund
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In Event Types: Webinar

In this online workshop co-hosted by Scholars at Risk, Global Young Academy and IIE- Scholar Rescue Fund, we will explore  paths to professional fulfillment outside academia in North America. Recognizing that academic systems in many Western countries are marred by a systemic imbalance between PhD holders and permanent academic positions, many academics are forced to either opt for precarious employment or to eventually leave the sector altogether. While this problem concerns all early career researchers, at-risk scholars often face additional hurdles, e.g. lack of acknowledgement for scholarly work in different languages and more limited networks in a new country. Drawing on insight from a panel of scholars and career support experts, we will explore the following questions in this workshop: How can researchers use their skills to secure jobs outside universities or research institutions, if that is of interest? Are there ways in which researchers can stay connected to the academic community? What new insights have individuals who have transitioned out of academia gained? How have they built new networks? What can universities and research institutions do to make it easier for early career researchers to transition into jobs outside academia? The workshop will include presentations, breakout groups, and interactive discussion.