Information for applicants from Turkey

Thank you for applying to Scholars at Risk. Given the high volume of applications from Turkey that we have received in recent months, we are currently prioritizing applications from individuals experiencing the most immediate severe threats, including threats of violence, torture, wrongful imprisonment or prosecution.

For scholars: Please note that our assessment process can be lengthy in some cases, and for those scholars whose cases we accept for placement assistance, securing a placement in the SAR network can take several months. As you continue to search for options, please consult our resources for scholars and MESA’s new initiatives for scholars from Turkey.

For students: If you are a student seeking scholarship support, please note that SAR does not provide scholarship or other financial support for students. For alternatives, please consult our list of external resources for students.

For human rights defenders: If you are a human rights defender seeking immediate assistance, you may want to contact Front Line Defenders and, organizations dedicated to the protection of human rights defenders. They offer emergency support to human rights defenders who are facing imminent risks.

We also invite you to read SAR’s statement and letter of appeal regarding the situation in Turkey.

If you have questions on any of the above, please contact Scholars at Risk at