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Membership is open to accredited higher education institutions and associations worldwide.

There are two requirements of membership.  There are no other obligations of membership.

  • Commitment to academic freedom: Members commit to the principle that scholars should be free to work without fear or intimidation, as set forth in the Scholars at Risk network’s founding statement.
  • Official SAR representative: Members designate a primary representative to communicate with the SAR office and network, including receiving information about scholars seeking temporary assistance and other network activities.

Participation in any specific SAR activity, including hosting scholars, is at the discretion of the institution through its representative. Please complete your institution’s membership agreement online below or by returning a printable affiliate membership form, institutional membership form, or partner network form by email to

Step 1:  Membership agreement & identification of SAR primary representative


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Step 2:  Subscription payment

Subscription payments may be made by check, wire transfer, or credit card. In order to minimize credit card transaction costs (and maximize resources available to assist scholars), SAR appreciates the use of checks and wire transfers where convenient and will issue an invoice upon submission of the above form. To submit payment by credit card, please click here.