Primary Representative Agreement Form


Membership is open to accredited higher education institutions worldwide. The rights and obligations of membership include the following. There are no other obligations of membership.

  • Commitment to academic freedom: Members commit to the principle that scholars should be free to work without fear or intimidation, as set forth in the Scholars at Risk network’s founding statement.
  • Official SAR representative: Members designate a primary representative to communicate with the SAR office and network, including receiving information about scholars seeking temporary assistance and other network activities.
  • Rights of membership: Members in good standing are eligible to vote at membership meetings; receive discounts on event admission; and receive preferential consideration for services, internships and other opportunities.


Participation in any specific SAR activity, including hosting scholars, is at the discretion of the institution through its representative. SAR provides opportunities for members to engage at all levels (institutional, administration, faculty, student and alumni), including:

  • Hosting lectures, panels and other events, including SAR Speaker Series events, featuring SAR scholars.
  • Advocating on behalf of imprisoned, detained or unjustly prosecuted scholars through the Scholars in Prison Project or through a faculty-led Student Advocacy Seminar.
  • Promoting academic freedom through the Academic Freedom Monitoring Project and related research.
  • Hosting threatened scholars as temporary visitors, students, researchers, or professors. Affiliates will have access to courageous and inspiring educators for academic visits and will receive direct assistance in making arrangements and in counseling scholar-visitors about relocation, adjustment, job searching and post-visit transitions.
  • Participating in SAR conferences on academic freedom, university autonomy and related higher education issues.
  • Student internship and alumni engagement, through public events and visiting scholar mentorship opportunities.
  • Helping to shape SAR’s priorities and direction, including by suggesting new activities.


By using SAR’s services or submitting personal information to us, you are agreeing to the terms of SAR’s privacy policy (available at and acknowledging that your information will be handled in accordance with it. You may modify or rescind your consent at any time by visiting