Scholar Training Modules

Posted July 31, 2019

Since our founding in 2000, we have regularly provided guidance to individual scholars on how to best take advantage of the opportunities provided by a temporary SAR placement and planning ahead of a visit’s end or other career transition. We have also held numerous workshops in Europe and North America with scholars to discuss these issues.

Now, we have distilled this guidance into the training modules below. We hope this will help provide guidance to even more scholars, and that these will be a resource for universities to support visiting scholars.

Module 1: Making the Most of a Placement

In this module, we discuss practical steps for scholars to best seize the opportunities provided by a host university campus during a temporary visit, and how to tap into local networks and resources in order to best integrate into a new university.

Module 2: Planning for a Transition

In this module, we discuss the importance of planning for an academic transition and advise on ways in which a scholar can effectively prepare ahead of a temporary appointment’s end.

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We welcome feedback on these modules, as we are continually evaluating ways to offer the most appropriate and relevant guidance to scholars.  If you would like to continue the conversation or suggest additional resources for scholars, please write to us at

If you are a university representative interested in offering a scholar training on your campus and would like a copy of the training PowerPoints, please email

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