The Future of Value-Based Higher Education and Quality Assurance – The Future of Academic Freedom

Posted June 22, 2020

Academic freedom has emerged as an issue of profound importance during the past few years, especially as we have seen changes in governments around the world. It is receiving even more attention now, given the Covid-19 pandemic and the current social unrest around race and equity. For quality assurance, this attention to academic freedom has meant an expanded focus on this important subject, seeking to preserve and enhance this core value in colleges and universities through quality review around the world. The principle of academic freedom can be defined as the freedom for members of the academic community – that is scholars, teachers and students – to follow their scholarly activities within a framework determined by that community in respect of ethical rules and international standards, and without outside pressure.

The Webinar will debate the contours of academic freedom both as it relates to institutions and quality assurance: What rights and obligations are attached to it from a European, Latin American and Scholars at Risk perspectives, and how these concepts are being challenged today?

Sjur Bergen, Head, Education Department, Council of Europe
Marcelo Knobel, Rector UNICAMP, Brazil
Robert Quinn, Founding Executive Director, Scholars at Risk

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Author A joint Council for Higher Education Accreditation International Quality Group/International Association of Universities Webinar
Publication Year 2020
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In Media Types: Videos & Media