Resources for Scholars and At-risk Individuals

Beyond the opportunities created within the SAR network, SAR has identified the following external job opportunities, academic, and non-academic resources. SAR will continue to update the lists below with the hope that they may be useful, especially for students and others who may not qualify for SAR’s protection services. Kindly note that general inaccuracies or outdated deadlines referenced within each of the listed resources are not SAR’s responsibility.

SAR’s Scholar Guide

The Scholar Guide is a handbook that focuses on how scholars can make the most of an academic opportunity in the SAR network and the wider academic community. It offers advice and guidance to assist scholars during their transitions into a new university community and in determining their short-term and long-term plans for the future. Although intended for SAR scholars, this handbook may be helpful for others, including those hosting and working with scholars.

Download the handbook

Global Resources

SAR has developed a directory of fellowships, scholarships, and both academic and non-academic opportunities from institutions around the world.

Access resources here

Online Scholar Training Modules

We have regularly provided guidance to individual scholars on how to best take advantage of the opportunities provided by a temporary SAR placement and planning ahead of a visit’s end or other career transition. We have also held several workshops in Europe and North America with scholars to discuss these issues. Now, we have distilled this guidance into the training modules below. We hope this will help provide guidance to even more scholars, and that these will be a resource for universities to support visiting scholars.

Watch the Module Here

Resources to Support Mental Health and Wellbeing

Resources to Support Mental Health and WellbeingSAR has developed a directory of external resources to support mental health and wellbeing. Resources are offered in several languages and include online breathing and meditation exercises, online resources for trauma, and in-person counseling centers. A PDF listing these resources is available to download.

Download the PDF