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[Deadline Passed] Fellowship for Scholars at Risk from Ukrainian Universities (SARU-fellowships)

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Fellowship for Scholars at Risk from Ukrainian Universities (SARU-Fellowships)

On behalf of Scholars at Risk Denmark, Universities Denmark (Danske Universiteter) is calling for applications for the SARU-Fellowship Programme, designed to support researchers at risk from Ukrainian universities.

The SARU fellowship program is supported by VILLUM FONDEN and enables 7 researchers affected by the war in Ukraine to continue their academic research in a secure and international environment at Danish universities.

The fellowship program covers salary costs for a period of up to 12 months as well as travel expenses to Denmark and cost for Danish work permits (if necessary).

The SARU fellowship program is open for candidates from all academic disciplines.
To qualify, candidates must have been associated as a researcher with a Ukrainian university at the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

Furthermore, candidates must have commenced a PhD-educational programme in Ukraine or hold a PhD- degree.

In addition to this, researchers should have an academic proficiency in English.

Salary and duration
Fellows will be employed at a Danish University or research institution and receive a full monthly salary at Postdoc or Research Assistant level.

Fellowships are for a period of up to 12 months. The latest possible starting date for a 12- months fellowship is the 1st of January 2025.

Fellowships commencing after above mentioned date, will be shortened in accordance with the SARU-fellowship end date of 31 December 2025.

Application process and documents
Both Danish Universities and research institutions (which are member of SAR Denmark), can apply for fellowships.

The application must be submitted by the host institution in cooperation with a specific named researcher.

The application must be in English and include:
1. A short application letter (1-2 pages), stating: – Work assignments and responsibilities.
– The researcher’s current situation; including current employment situation and
country of residence.
– Short description of how the SARU fellowship can contribute to the academic development of the researcher and – if relevant – the future reconstruction of academia in Ukraine.
2. The researcher’s CV.
3. Copy of Diploma and PhD-degree or documentation of commenced Ph.D. education.
4. Academic evaluation (1-2 pages) from the host institution.
Please send the application documents by e-mail to: (preferably as a single pdf-document).

Application deadline: 3rd of March 2024.

Selection process
Applications will be evaluated by the member institutions of SAR Denmark.
If the number of applications that meet the eligibility criteria, exceeds the number of available fellowships, emphasis will be placed on an equal distribution of the available SARU fellowships among the Danish universities and research institutions.

Applications from researchers who do not have employment within Academia at the time of application and applications from researchers who will be without such employment within the next three months (calculated from the application deadline) will be prioritized. The same applies to SARU-grant holders who’s current SARU-fellowship will ending in 2024.
In the event of several equally prioritized applications, the final allocation of fellowships will be based on a lottery. Fellows can begin immediately after being awarded a fellowship.

If you have questions regarding the fellowships, you are welcome to contact SAR Denmark via e-mail or phone +45 35 32 44 60.

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