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Rebuilding careers in exile Workshops

In the context of the Swetaly collaboration, a training workshop has been developed for displaced scholars currently hosted by Italian and Swedish universities, and is jointly organised by SAR Italy and SAR Sweden. It is funded by the University of Padova’s Shaping a World Class University initiative. 

This five-session workshop series aims at opening up a dialog on the strategic and practical aspects of career orientation in exile. To this end, it connects displaced scholars currently hosted at Swedish and Italian academic institutions with former scholars at risk and experts in the field of academic career development. In five thematically structured gatherings, displaced scholars will be offered insights into career advancement criteria, publication venues, application procedures, funding schemes, and the specifics of various national contexts in the academic sector as well as an overview of potential work opportunities outside of academia, depending on their field of expertise. 

Since this is also an opportunity for scholars at different stages in their career and migration trajectory to come together and network, and to build mutual support practices, you are warmly invited to participate in the whole programme.

Interested scholars are invited to fill in this registration form.


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