SAR Italy

SAR Italy appeal for release of Patrick Zaki

SAR Italy has written a letter to the Egyptian president al-Sisi expressing our grave concern for the decision taken on 7th December to extend Mr Zaki’s detention, and calling for him to be allowed to await his trial at home to ease the physical and psychological suffering that his long detention is causing.

Italian universities and research institutions have been disseminating and supporting the appeals from CRUI and SAR Italy on their websites.


University of Brescia

University of Cagliari

University of Milan

University of Pisa

University of Trento

University of Turin

University of Udine

Italy’s national press has also published several articles in the last few days since Mr Zaki wrote to his family about his deteriorating mental and physical health

Il manifesto

Repubblica 12/21/2020

Corriere della Sera

Il Resto del Carlino


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