Swetaly - SAR Workshop: Academic Freedom in Challenging Times

Academic Freedom in Challenging Time – Advocacy and Collaborations. Scholars at Risk (SAR) in Sweden and Italy are responsible for the theme and this workshop is organized by the University of Padova.

The focus is on  advocacy that needs to be done to protect academic freedom and human rights, what challenges universities face and what opportunities for networking there are between Sweden and Italy in these matters.  Current cases will be addressed, including Ahmadreza Djalali, the Swedish-Iranian researcher who has been sentenced to death in Iran.

Karolina Catoni, from the International Center and coordinator for SAR-Sweden, has worked with Djalali’s case for the Swedish section of Scholars at Risk, among other things by urging Swedish MEPs to act.

– We will address several different cases during the workshop, to discuss what can be done, and what difficulties may arise.

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