Statement of Support for Central European University

It is with concern that we have learnt about the Hungarian amendments to Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education that passed into law on April 4th 2017. The legislation will limit the Central European University’s possibility to continue its operations as an institution of higher education in Budapest, Hungary. This is a severe restriction of academic freedom.

Freedom of expression and academic freedom are fundamental rights and cornerstones for research and higher education. These values must always be safeguarded.

As part of the higher education community the Scholars at Risk Network- Sweden Section (SAR-Sweden) is deeply concerned about this development and questions the new legislation. SAR-Sweden agrees with the statements issued by the Scholars at Risk Network on April 3rd 2017.  Sixteen Swedish higher education institutions constitute SAR-Sweden.

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 10th 2017

Scholars at Risk Network, Sweden section (SAR-Sweden)

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