SAR Switzerland

Welcome to SAR scholar from Turkey at the University of Bern

Commenting on being a SAR scholar and on his stay at the University of Bern, Emirhan Darcan said: “Tasting forced displacement of a researcher is a mixture of sweet and bitter, a feeling I believe many more forced displaced academics and researchers around the world today share. An Istanbulite by birth, I am a European by choice and the values that I uphold, while I became a New Yorker over the years related to my doctoral studies there. After completing my PhD in Criminal Justice, I worked on the Kurdish territory in Turkey. In that context, I have always been very vocal about and have written extensively about preventing violent extremism in the community. Due to Turkey’s troubled experiment with secularism and freedom of speech, I started working as a SAR scholar at the University of Bern. The contribution of this university and SAR is crucial for me to continue my projects and academic studies on preventing radicalism and extremism.”