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Academic Freedom Advocacy Week Runs May 2-7

This year, the Center for Ethics program “Engaging in Speech and Action” is collaborating with Scholars at Risk, a U.S.-based international network of academic institutions organized to support and defend the principles of academic freedom and to defend the human rights of scholars around the world.

Throughout the year Muhlenberg students have been taking part in scholar advocacy seminars affiliated with the Scholars at Risk network. These seminars have engaged students in raising awareness about and developing plans to advocate on behalf of scholars who have been imprisoned for their political beliefs around the world.

The week of May 2, students will host a wide range of programming designed to raise awareness about and engage the campus community in advocacy on behalf of several scholars imprisoned in Bahrain, China, Egypt, India and Iran for expressions of their political, and at times cultural and religious, beliefs. In some cases, scholars have been detained while doing scientific research without having even engaged in explicit political activities.

Some of these events will be held online; some involve signing new and existing petitions; some involve contacting members of Congress; and some involve in-person, on-campus activities ranging from art exhibits to tabling, to planting lilies, to the screening of documentaries (both in the Red Door and on the Campus Lawn).

Support is provided by the Muhlenberg Activities Council, the Center for Ethics and Dana Honors Program.

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