SAR United States

First SAR-USA Section Meeting

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, a representative group from the newly-forming SAR-USA Section met at the SAR Global Congress in Berlin. The primary focus of the meeting was to discuss ideas for how the section could best serve the USA membership, given the number of institutions, the various regional considerations, and the multitudes of distinct systems of American higher education.

The meeting showcased a range of institutions engaged in SAR work (Hosting, Student Advocacy Seminars, etc.), as well as institutions new to the network that were looking for ways to engage.

The group’s primary recommendation for the SAR-USA network was to create a system of communications, out of which schools and programs can serve as resources for one another—from sharing expertise based on past/current SAR work, to finding ways to collaborate on future SAR work. There was discussion that much of the direct collaboration is likely to happen regionally, and even micro-regionally.

The following broad ideas and recommendations came out of the meeting:

  • Communication between University Network Members
    1. Regional Conferences
    2. Webinars
  • Easy Reference Lists
    1. Who is doing what (e.g. hosting, student advocacy seminars, etc.).
    2. Contact Lists for peer references
  • Sharing stories of local SAR activities (likely via SAR-USA website)
  • Regional Collaborations
    1. Events, such as speaker series or conferences
  • Professional Conferences
    1. Proposals for discipline-based conferences that can address SAR work on your campus and within your field.

Attendees: Adam Braver, Roger Williams University (Provisional Chair, SAR-USA); Lori Brown, American Chemical Society (Mid-Atlantic Representative, SAR-USA); Anne McCall, Xavier University (Southern States Representative, SAR-USA); Alfred Babo, Fairfield University; Emily Borzcik, IIE Scholar Rescue Fund; Kathy Libal, University of Connecticut; Jane Newman, University of California, Irvine; Amy Strage, San Jose State University; Renée White, Wheaton College