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If you are a scholar experiencing threats to your life, liberty or academic career, or if you have been forced to leave your country because of such threats, and would like to request help from SAR, please complete and submit the secure form below. SAR provides a range of services to scholars, from placement assistance to advisory, referral and career support services.

If you encounter any problems submitting this form, you can also send a message to Scholars at Risk by emailing

Confidentiality: Information provided is treated as confidential and used only for the purpose of arranging help where possible, including visits to SAR Network member institutions. If you prefer not to use the online form, you may print and mail it, or contact Scholars at Risk by telephone.

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If you are a scholar from Turkey applying to SAR, please consult our page for applicants from Turkey.

If you are a student seeking scholarship support, please note that SAR does not provide scholarship or other financial support for students. For alternatives, please consult our list of external resources for students.

For more information on our application process, please consult our list of frequently-asked questions.