SAR Spotlight on Wellesley College

Posted December 9, 2020

Wellesley College, a private women’s liberal arts college in Massachusetts, US, is a leading member of the Scholars at Risk Network in its mission to defend scholars and promote academic freedom. Since joining the network in 2008, Wellesley’s faculty and students have taken an active part in SAR’s work.

The college has welcomed five SAR-assisted scholars to campus for year-long visiting positions and, through the Vivian G. Prins Scholars at Risk Speaker Series, three scholars have guest lectured across a range of topics, including today’s panel, “The fate of freedom in a global pandemic.” Experts and seasoned human rights activists examined the ways in which governments in various parts of the world have suppressed civil liberties and freedoms, particularly freedom of speech and expression, under the cover of the COVID-19 pandemic. Director of the Freedom Project at Wellesley College, Dr. Shingirai Taodzera, shared that the panel “offered a riveting and illuminating conversation on a timely topic of global, if not universal relevance and importance.”

Quote from Dr. Paula Johnson

We are grateful to Wellesley College for being at the forefront of a dynamic, global movement rooted in a vision of a world in which everyone enjoys the freedom to think, question, and share ideas. Find out how your institution can help to protect threatened scholars and strengthen the university space.

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