Workshops and Conferences

Posted April 15, 2016

2014 Congress in Amsterdam: "Freedom to Think, Responsibility to Act"

Scholars at Risk and its partners worldwide organize workshops and biennial conferences around the world, bringing together leading scholars, advocates, students and professionals to rethink issues of academic freedom and related values—including access, accountability, transparency, academic freedom, institutional autonomy and social responsibility.

SAR workshops and conferences aim to build a better understanding of these issues, while asking participants to inform and shape on-going work to promote stronger university values worldwide. Network members are invited to host and participate in SAR workshops and other events by sending faculty, administrators and students to take part in the global conversation.

SAR welcomes opportunities to co-organize workshops, seminars, round-tables and other events focused on academic freedom and related university values. To learn more, please contact Chelsea Blackburn Cohen by email.

Lines, Line-Drawing, and Consequences: An Academic Freedom Discussion Series

Every other Wednesday, from April 14th to June 9th, Lines, Line-Drawing, and Consequences will examine one of five archetypal values-related situations that arise on US campuses:

  • responding to demands for exclusion or removal;
  • public vs. private campus spaces;
  • distinguishing academic freedom from free speech;
  • external pressures on campus discourse; and
  • navigating foreign partnerships.

Bringing to bear SAR’s 20+ years of experience, including SAR’s Promoting Higher Education Values workshop materials, SAR Executive Director Rob Quinn will lead a discussion about a particular paradigm, drawing on recent case examples. The sessions will be interactive, and will offer participants tools for assessing incidents and developing pro-values responses for their campus.

Each session is open to all persons at Scholars at Risk (SAR) Network member institutions. To check if your institution is a member of SAR, click here. Persons at institutions that are not members of the SAR network or members of the public interested in attending may register and will be invited to attend subject to capacity limits.

To register and learn more about each session, click here.