Scholars at Risk Canada issues a statement on the situation in Afghanistan

As we have ​been seeing in recent days, students, civil society leaders and human rights defenders in Afghanistan – especially women and ethnic and religious minorities – are facing great risks in their attempts to escape the threat of the Taliban forces. Currently, hundreds are in hiding or urgently seeking ways out of the country. Organizations like Scholars at Risk are working around the clock to support researchers and scholars and have received unprecedented numbers of applications for temporary positions at higher education institutions around the world for those who are unable to work safely in Afghanistan.

The Scholars at Risk Canada Section urges the Canadian government, universities and colleges to take action to secure the lives and careers of Afghanistan’s scholars, students, and civil society actors. We urge the government to put into place efficient immigration processes and offer generous placements in Canadian campuses. We are encouraged to see significant interest from university members but the window to help and save lives is closing. Institutions that are not yet members of SARCAN can join this movement by writing to Our engagement can make a difference.


Some resources:

Scholars at Risk is currently accepting applications for assistance:

The National Endowment for Democracy has posted a number of positions:

Scholar Rescue Fund is also accepting applications:


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